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John F. Kennedy MCJROTC
Leadership Styles
Upcoming Events
The Marines Hymn
Military Courtesy
General Orders
Chain of Command
Appearance Regulations
Uniform Care & Regulations
Service and Dress Uniforms
Physical Fitness Test
Marine/Navy Terms
Introduction to Drill
Basic Drill
Marching Commands
Universal Time
MCJROTC Enlisted Rank Insignia
MCJROTC Officer Insignia
Marine Corps Enlisted Grade Insignia
Marine Corps Officer Grade Insignia
Placement of Collar Insignia
Placement of Ribbions and Awards
Leadership Traits
Leadership Principles
Leadership Styles
Role of NCOs
Things to Remember
Suggestion Page

Leadership Styles:the technique if leadership (remember, there are 3)
          *There are NO dimple rules in a leadership situation

-Everything about the mission is dectated (who, what, when, where & how)
-To be used when: there's not enough time to gather input; your are unfamiliar with your suborinates; your information may not be accurate
-When there us time to gather input and seek advice from your subordinates, do so then ise this aquired information in your decisions
-Assign part or all of a mission to the next senior cadet
-Supervise them and make sure that they accomplish what you have assigned them