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John F. Kennedy MCJROTC

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CAPT Robert Mullen:
The 1st marine recruiting officer and owner of Tuns Tavern, the birthplace of the Marine Corps.

Archibald Henderson:
Served as the Commandant of the Marine Corps for 38 years, and is known as the "Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps.

LT Presley O'Bannon:
Captured the fort at Derne, Tripoli and raised the American flag over foriegn soil for the 1st time in the Old World. He was presented the Mamaluke Sword for the actions of his Marines.

CPL John Mackie:
1st Marine to win the Medal of Honor.

John Quick:
Awarded the Medal of Honor for signaling naval gunfire from the USS Dolphin away from his troops at Cuzo Wells.

SGT Dan Daly:
Marine hero to win two Medals of Honor. First for his actions at the Tar Tar Walls and later for his actions in Haiti.

SGT MAJ Smedley Butler:
Marine hero to win two Medals of Honor. First for his actions in the Veracruz campaign and later his actions in Haiti.

LT Alfred A. Cunningham:
1st Marine aviator.

Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller:
Only Marine to win 5 Navy Crosses.

CAPT Samuel Nicholas:
1st unoffical Commandant of the Marince Corps.

John Phillip Sousa:
Known as "The Bandmaster". Created the US Marine Corps Band. (created the march, "Semper Fidelis", among others).

"Devil Dogs":
Name given to Marines by the German forces in World War I for the their fiece fighting at Belleau Woods.

"Semper Fidelis":
Marine Corps motto, meaning "Always Faithful".

Name given to Marines because of the leather stock which they wore around their necks to keep their heads erect in 1775.

"The President's Own":
Known as the Marine Corps Band.

"Aye, Aye Sir/Ma'am":
'I understand and will carry out your order.'

Scarlet Trouser Stripe:
Red stripe on Marines Dress Blue trousers that represents the bloodshed of NCOs & Officers at the Battle of Chapultepec during the Mexican-American War.

Mamaluke Sword:
Sword presented to LT Presely O'Bannon at Derne, Tripoli (Sword is now worn by officers today).

Marine Corps Colors:
Scarlet (red) and Gold.

Marine Corps Birthplace:
Tuns Tavern, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Marine Corps Birthday:
November 10th, 1775.

LT COL Wharton:
3rd Commandant of the Marine Corps. Known for adopting the hand salute and creating the Marine Corps band.

Opha A Johnson:
1st Female Marine (enlisted in 1918).

Marine Corps Emblem:
Adopted in 1868 to represent the Marine Corps, it consists of 3 components: the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. The eagle represents the nation, the globe represents worldwide service, and the anchor represents naval tradition.

Collar Emblems:
Authorized for wear by Franklin Roosevelt by enlisted Marines for their actions at Belleau Woods against the Germans. Until that time, only officers were allowed to wear them.

MAJ Gregory "Pappy" Boyington:
Marine aviator who had 28 aces, setting the record for the highest in WWII.

CAPT Richard Flemming:
Awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for diving his flaming bomber into the Japanese cruiser Mikuma.

Midway Island:
Considered the turning point for the Pacific war of WWII.

GEN Geiger:
He was the only Marine officer to command a field army.

CAPT Daniel Carmack:
The 1st Marine officer to capture a British ship ans sail away with it.

Fredrick Branch:
1st Black officer.

GEN John Lejeune:
13th Commandant of the Marine Corps (Camp Lejeue named in his honor).

Francis Scott Key:
Wrote the Star Spangled Banner.

PVT Francis DeSilva:
1st Hispanic American to win the Medal of Honor.

CPL Ira Hayes:
1st Native American to win the Medal of Honor.

1st used to identify officers from ship's riggings during the War of 1812 (NOW placed on top of Officers' Barracks covers).

Marine Corps Mascot:
English bulldog named "Chesty".