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John F. Kennedy MCJROTC
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When in Uniform...

-Pencils, pens, watches, chains, fobs, pins, jewelry, handkerchiefs, combs, barettes, hair ribbons/ornaments, flowers, etc. may not be worn.

-Exceptions: One ring per hand may be worn. Conservative sunglassses and watches may be worn in uniform. (Only one watch may be worn, and sunglasses must not be worn in formation.) Religious articles may be worn, but must not be visible.

-Hair may be colored only if it looks natural.

Male Grooming Regulations
Hair must me conservitively cut 0 to 3 inches, and not interfere with the wearing of headgear. Side burns may not extend below the top orfice of the ear. The face must be clean shaven, and any mustaches must not extend past the edges of the lip. Male cadets may not wear earrings in uniform.

Female Grooming Regulations
Hair--Hair must be put up neatly, so as not to interfer with the wearing of heargear.It may touch the collar, but must not fall below the collar's edge.(Except during PT.) Extensions which appear natural are authorized. Barrettes, combs, rubber bands, etc. are authorized as long as  they remain concealed. (Hair net are not authorized.) Only thin, black hair bands are allowed to be visible
Cosmetics--All cosmetics must be conservative and resemble one's natural tone. Fingernails must not be longer that one-fourth inch past the tip of the finger. All nails must be the same color and free of ornamentation. Only shades of scarlet, pink, natural tones, and clear are permitted color of nail polish.
Earrings--Earrings are not authorized with the utility uniform. Only one earring per ear. Earrings must not exceed 6 millimeters (about one-fourth inch) in diameter. A polished, gold or round stud may be worn with the Service uniform (Greens). A white pearl may be worn with the Dress Blue uniform.