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Uniform Care and Regulation
**Remember to always check every uniform of IPs before you put it on.**
*Also remember that any holes or obvious stains make your uniform "unservicable." This means that the uniform should be traded in for one of better condition, because it should not be worn.

Camouflage Utility Uniform
Cover--The cover will be worn with the bill straight and centered as high as one inch parallel above the eyebrows. It should be starched and ironed with creases forming an octagon on the top.
Blouse--The coat will be worn outside the trousers with all buttons except the very top button fastened. It should be Ironed and starched. When the sleeves are down they will be creased. When the sleeves are up they wii be rooled inside out to be 3 inches wide and 2 inches above the elbow (Roll them up before you put on your blouse.)
Undershirt-Green, Tuck into trousers.
Trousers-The trousers should be ironed and starched with a crease in the front and back of each leg the goes upto 2 inches below the crotch. They should be worn all the way upto the waistline. They will be bloused between the second and third eyelet of your boots 
Web Belt-The buckle and tip of the web belt should always be polished before you wear them. (Brasso, Never-Dull, or Tarnishield can be used.) The tip will extend 2 to 4 inches past the end of the buckle. New belts should be washed 3 times (in cold water) and hard stretched (while still wet) before being cut. The buckle should be aligned with the trousers.
Socks-Wear the black cushion sole sock with the utility uniform.
Boots-The laces should be laced left over right. The whole boot should be polished (If you have new boots, you must wash off the protective coating with cold water and saddle soap or shaving cream before you polish them.) They should have at least 3 base coats. Only the toe and heel of the boot need to be "spit shined." Take a damp cotton cloth and continously rub in small circles. It will take awhile to complete a spit shine. (Kiwi polish is recommended)
WASHING- The cover, blouse, undershirt, trousers and socks can be washed in cold water and dry at the lowest possilbe temperature. Do not bleach or use bleaching agents when washing uniforms.
Service/Dress Sweater (Wolly Pulley)-Dry Clean only. The sleeves can be tunred up, and the waistband can be tucked under, but the shirt-cuffs and waistband of trousers/skirt/slacks must not be visible. It can be worn with the Utility uniform under the camouflage coat. It can be worn with the Service uniform over the khaki shirt with the collar worn outside the sweater.
All-Weather Overcoat-The all-weather overcoat can be worn over any uniform and civilian cloths. It must always be button up with the belt on when worn.