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John F. Kennedy MCJROTC
Service and Dress Uniforms
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Service and Dress Uniforms
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Leadership Styles
Role of NCOs
Things to Remember
Suggestion Page


Alterations-The greens and blues trouser should be alter so that the length of the trousers are approimately 3/4 to 1 inch shorter than the back.
The trousers should also be a sufficient length to reach the juncture of the welt of the shoe in the rear. A variation of 1/4 onch abouve or below the welt is acceptable.
Alterations for Females-The slack shall be of the proper length to reach the juncture of the welt of the shoe in the rear. A variation of 1/2 above the welt is acceptable.
Khaki Shirt-The khaki shirt should be ceased so that it is in a military press. The female shirt has a crease down each sleeve. Males should have a total of seven creases: 3 in the back, 1 on each sleeve and 2 down the front of the shirt.
Green Skirt-The skirt should be altered to be either 1 inch above or below the knee.
Corframs-The corframs shoes should be cleaned with windex and a paper towel. There should be edge dressing on the rubber parts of the shoe.