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John F. Kennedy MCJROTC
Marine/Navy Terms
Upcoming Events
The Marines Hymn
Military Courtesy
General Orders
Chain of Command
Appearance Regulations
Uniform Care & Regulations
Service and Dress Uniforms
Physical Fitness Test
Marine/Navy Terms
Introduction to Drill
Basic Drill
Marching Commands
Universal Time
MCJROTC Enlisted Rank Insignia
MCJROTC Officer Insignia
Marine Corps Enlisted Grade Insignia
Marine Corps Officer Grade Insignia
Placement of Collar Insignia
Placement of Ribbions and Awards
Leadership Traits
Leadership Principles
Leadership Styles
Role of NCOs
Things to Remember
Suggestion Page

*Terms that you will be expected to know first have been marked with an asterisk.

Aboard--in a naval station or on a ship
Adrift--object left lying around
All hands--the entire platoon, company, battalion
Ashore--on the beach or shore
*Aye, Aye--a reply command or orader, meaning "I understand and will obey"
Belay--stop or ignore (used as part of a command)
Below--below the flight deck
Board--to go aboard a vessel
Carry on--an order meaning continue what you were doing
*Chain of Command--the system used to delegate authority and solve problems
*Chit--an offical note or pass
Colors--the national ensign (flags); the ceremony of raising and lowering the ensign
Commanding Officer--the first officer in command
Cover--to protect; a shelter; headgear
Dead ahead--directly ahead
Executive Officer--the second officer in command
*Field day--a day devoted to cleaning, usually in preporation for an inspection
Galley--space where food is prepared
Gangway--a brow or accomodation ladder; an order meaning to clear the way
Knock off--quit working
Liberty--offical absence from a ship or station for a short time
Look alive--be alert or move faster
Mess--meal; a place where meals are eaten
Muster--to assemble for attendence
Port--left side
*Reveille--time to wake up
Sack--bunk; bed; rack
*Scuttlebutt--a drinking fountain; a passing rumor
Secure--to cease
Skylark--to engage in irresponsible horseplay
Square away--to put in proper order
Starboard--right side
Swab--a mop
*Taps--lights out